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Unexpected connections

Learn how the world’s most famous ship - and wreck - was built and sailed. This tragic story of the great liner that sank on its first voyage is awash with marvels, mysteries and myths. 

The biggest ship of its time had many surprising connections with the Midlands and Cotswolds. Learn how its owner’s name came from the Cotswolds and why Titanic was equipped with countless fittings from the Midlands. Find out why the ship had a fake funnel, enjoy the irony that it had two ice-making machines, and meet the heroes and villains of the sinking. 


Your guide in this presentation is Blue Badge guide Sean Callery, author of four books about the great ship.


  • This presentation is suitable for organisations such as Civic Societies and local history groups. I'm very flexible about times and dates. I can also deliver it online.


Intrigued? Contact me to discuss a 50-minutes trip on the Titanic.

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'Enthralling from start to finish!'


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