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chipping norton town walk

The town that walked up the hill

Jeremy Clarkson's nearby farm has put ‘Chippy’ on the map. Learn why the town moved up hill, how an infamous rock star became an unlikely landlord and when a policeman was saved by a thin skull.


Then there are stories of the town's surprising place in baseball, beekeeping and headache curing history, plus an alarming number of riots. If you know 'diddly squat' beyond the Chipping Norton Set, this is the tour for you.









To arrange this private tour for individuals or groups at a date and time to suit you, please email me via my contact form or call me on 07961 090454.


Thank you to these fine accommodation providers, who kindly help publicise this tour.

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'Such an entertaining and informative tour! You really brought the stories to life.'


'A lovely mix of fact and stories. The 90 mins sped by and it made me notice things I’d never seen before!'


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