offbeat cotswolds - the book

I enjoy guiding in the Cotswolds so much I wrote a book about its quirky sights and tales. It’s a wander along some strange byways that show all sorts of kooky things such as the surprising origins of America’s flag and anthem, how sparrows were weaponised, and why penguins love a billiard table.

Quirky places and tales

The book is split into three sections - north, central and south Cotswolds - each with entries for key towns and their surroundings. Entries are marked by charming illustrations showing categories such as ‘anything to do with sheep’ and ‘global connections’, while a cheeky-looking dragon denotes ‘local legends and stories’. 


Enjoy a collection of quirky (offbeat) sights and stories in the Cotswolds, set out so you can visit the places mentioned or just enjoy the tales. Find out:

  • Who made fizzy wine first.

  • What’s a hoddidimod?

  • Where a husband is left staring into space for eternity

  • Why cloudy glass annoyed Henry VIII

  • How one invention led to croquet and tennis.


My book describes nearly 400 strange tales and surprising sights in the beautiful setting of the Cotswolds.


To buy Offbeat Cotswolds

  • The book costs £12 plus £2 postage and packing. 

  • Contact me via the contact page to arrange payment and delivery.


If you live near Chipping Norton or Stow-on-the-Wold, the book is available at the excellent independent bookshop Jaffe & Neale.


An e-book is also available at Amazon for £2.99.


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