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Walks and talks about a Regency spa town

I have teamed up with fellow Blue Badge tourist guide Steve Roth to offer a range of events based around Cheltenham. We can show you the delights of this lovely Regency spa town (think Bridgerton with extras!).

To book on any of the following tours, visit Around Cheltenham on the Visit Cheltenham website.





Dances, duels and dalliances

In 1816, Cheltenham was on the verge of a boom. Jane Austen and Lord Byron tasted the waters while the town had big plans. Take a walk through history and see how Cheltenham revved up to become the place to be for the rich and famous. 


Pittville: pumps, plans and pitfalls

Pittville boasts some of the finest houses in Cheltenham - but it was born not as a friendly neighbour but to rival the spa town. Enjoy the elegant architecture and estate, learn of bats, boas and banned servants and the sad fate of developer Joseph Pitt. 


Health and wealth

Cheltenham’s mineral waters didn’t spare the town from poor hygiene, disease, poverty and quackery. Don protective gloves and delve into Cheltenham’s medical milestones and hidden dirty habits - from recycled teeth, to revolutionary vaccinations and discover some of the Spa’s most famous patients. 


How Cheltenham changed the world

Some remarkable Cheltonians had huge impact across the world. The worlds of medicine, sport, aviation, journalism, magic, music, bathtime, even the world's longest running science fiction franchise were all influenced by people from the town. 


Cheltenham connections

From Antarctica to America, India to Australia, Cheltenham and Gloucester have a contact book to die for. Explorers, soldiers, evangelists and emigrés forged amazing connections with the farthest corners of the world. Find out why Americans hum a Gloucestershire drinking song, why Cheltenham served the best curry in England, and a bizarre big cat record.

Cheltenham’s Northern Lights 

Mention Cheltenham and people think of the racecourse and the pump room. But both these northern institutions had difficult births. Pittville was created as a rival town. The raucous Cheltenham races were once such a threat to townspeople that they burned a grandstand down.

The story of Cheltenham: spas to spies 

300 years ago Cheltenham was a small marshy village. It grew into a prosperous town that was the place to see and be seen. Why? Pigeons! Or so the story goes. Trace Cheltenham from backwater to the ‘Bond Street of the West’ via purging and dancing. Discover the inspirations for its elegant architecture and  how it has re-created itself many times from spa town to spy centre. 

Cotswolds cornucopia

A whirlwind tour of the Cotswolds, the beautiful and historic lands east of Cheltenham. We  cross the rolling green hills to find stories and surprises at every scenic site. Discover why the Japanese love a famous landmark, where a man stares into space for eternity, and how a landlocked town hosts so many dolphins.


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I follow government and industry COVID-19 guidelines. The group will be able to maintain social distancing on this outdoor walk. I am also certified as a member of the 'We're good to go' scheme.

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'It was such fun to hear all those stories and showing the backs and fronts of the Regency buildings was amazing.'