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hook norton walking tour

Pyramids, pals and pioneers

‘Hooky’ beer is known around the world, but  this pretty edge-of-the-Cotswolds village is a hidden gem, bursting with stories and fantastic sights. 

See the pyramids - spectacular towers that carried the railway to Hooky. Find out which royal pal narked Henry VIII so much he came to sort him out. For pioneers, take your pick from rebel religions, treating mental illness, or Hooky’s award-winning low-carbon community. Oh, and see some sneaky staircases, a stream that was an escape from justice, plus proof that Hooky was once under the sea. A 90-minute walking tour. 

PUBLIC TOURS (90 minutes)

Dates and times

  • Every Thursday, starting at the Brewery at 11am


  • £14.00 per person


I can also run tours at dates and times to suit you: please email me via my contact form or call me on 07961 090454 to arrange.


Hook Norton's famous brewery also offers guided tours in the afternoons. Why not have lunch at the Brewery or in the village and then see how 'Hooky' beer is brewed?

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'Your tour of Hook Norton was full of fun facts and is hugely entertaining with many fascinating stories. Would 10/10 recommend it to locals and visitors alike.'


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