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About Me

Welcome! I have lived in the beautiful Cotswolds for 30 years and I love sharing its stories and sights. I’m a qualified Blue Badge guide for the area and I’ve written a book about some of the quirky, fun things I’ve found here.

I really enjoy presenting walking tours because I get a chance to ask people about why they are visiting and then I make sure I include things that they will find particularly interesting. I’m always tweaking my tours to take in new things I discover.


I’ve written about 60 books and am an ex-teacher so I’ve spent my life finding ways to present stories and facts in a stimulating and accessible way.


I offer bespoke tours of the Cotswolds taking in classic sites plus some surprises of rarely seen delights that many visitors miss.

I can tailor my tours to themes such as churches, literature and history. 


On this website you'll find details for all my walking tours, which you can book on a date and time to suit your needs. My walking tours include:


If you would like to discuss a date to suit your needs or a more bespoke tour, please get in touch via the contact page.


Read more about Offbeat aspects of the Cotswolds. I write articles telling stories and explaining historical background to sights and sites in greater depth than is possible on my Instagram and Facebook pages.


Heart of England

Sean Callery

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