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christmas and the cotswolds

Customs and traditions

‘Tis the season to be jolly knowledgeable about Christmas and some of its Cotswolds connections. My talk explains many Christmas customs, from Advent to Yule logs, including the three Cs - Cards, Carols and Crackers. Today’s Yuletide celebrations grew from a mixture of pagan customs, folklore and royal fashions.

I also cover some Cotswold traditions and explain the Cotswolds background to one of our most famous Christmas songs. Get the lowdown on:

  • mince pies, mistletoe and mulled wine 

  • ...  and for tea-time: Thanksgiving, turkey and Twelfth Night

  • what’s going on with wassailing?

  • who first put a Christmas tree indoors?


  • This presentation is suitable for organisations such as Civic Societies and local history groups. I'm very flexible about times and dates. I can also deliver it online.


Intrigued? Contact me to unwrap this 50-minute yuletime treat!

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'Wow! What a brilliant tour! I found out so much, even though I actually live in the Cotswolds.'


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