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How to publish your own information book

From idea to reality

This is a talk about how to publish your own non-fiction. Many of us build up knowledge of a subject we love and want to find a way to share it with others. Sometimes the answer is a leaflet or a book - and it has never been easier to self-publish. 


I wrote information books for children and adults for many years - I have more than 60 titles to my name, working with top publishers. 


When I became a tour guide I wanted to share some of the quirky stories that I found - and help to publicise my tours. So I self-published a book about the Cotswolds: Offbeat Cotswolds


This talk takes you through the whole process, from planning to selling. I’ll explain how non-fiction writers need to think about spreads, teasers and themes. I’ll cover:


  • How to plan a book.

  • What’s a word count and why is it vital?

  • Who will your reader be?

  • Ways to keep costs low.

  • When to pay for help.


Oh, and we’ll look at some of the pitfalls of designing and distribution. 


This talk offers practical advice and insights into the world of publishing. If nothing else, it will help you appreciate the skills behind the next information book you read!


  • This presentation is suitable for organisations such as Civic Societies and local history groups. I'm very flexible about times and dates. I can also deliver it online.


Contact me to start your publishing journey.

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'I loved your many insights into the world of publishing.'


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