outside the Cotswolds

Travel north of the Cotswolds to visit fascinating towns and cities. Stride along thesame streets as Shakespeare, or medieval friars or engineers who changed the world. The heart of England area has many stories to tell.



The bard's town

Walk in the footsteps of William Shakespeare from boyhood to his tomb (via his favourite pub). See how a medieval town worked, the bridge that should be world-famous, and meet Stratford’s forgotten bestselling writer. Learn about jettying and why eating birds nests was once just what the doctor ordered!

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birminghamjewellery quarter

Sparkling streets

The Jewellery Quarter is a rough diamond that sparkles with stories of skill, hardship and innovation. This tour takes you through the historic area, telling its story from beginnings as tiny workshops to today’s streets lined with glittering trinkets. The main menu is accompanied by shimmering dishes of pegs, pens and preachers, all served with a dollop of custard!

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The story of Birmingham

Birmingham grew from a humble market town into the ‘workshop of the world’, becoming a pioneer of town planning on the way, and the story is told along its streets and canals. See an unlikely statue, meet a man who could lift two donkeys, hear how Birmingham is like Paris and Venice, and find out which building rests on rubber. 

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A rollercoaster history

Coventry's streets have been shaped by moaning friars, money-grabbing lords and menacing merchants. Our tour highlights how timber-framed houses are like flatpack furniture, and why the modern cathedral is such an iconic building. Tales of boom and bust from fortified walls, ribbons, bikes and cars contribute chapters to the story of this 2021 City of Culture - and don’t forget the famous horse ride!

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